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bzr branch https://code.breezy-vcs.org/python-patiencediff/trunk

  • Committer: Jelmer Vernooij
  • Date: 2018-09-08 12:17:15 UTC
  • Revision ID: jelmer@jelmer.uk-20180908121715-5w3dlwef6m6k33tq
Add COPYING file.
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
File __init__.py 5 2 years ago Jelmer Vernooij Properly close files. 5.7 KB Diff Download File
_patiencediff_c.c 6 1 year ago Jelmer Vernooij Properly use Py_EQ. 35.3 KB Diff Download File
File _patiencediff_py.py 1 2 years ago Jelmer Vernooij Import copy of patiencediff from breezy. 9 KB Diff Download File
test_patiencediff.py 2 2 years ago Jelmer Vernooij Fix tests. 22.3 KB Diff Download File